I deleted the login to my Facebook account that's saved in Mobily because of my suspicions that there is a virus controlling my account because I noticed strange activity in my account as there are many pages that I did not like and it self liked these pages.. and when changing The password was not able to enter my account again because I did not receive the code to enter about 14 days ago.

I submitted my personal identity as required, and more than 48 hours have passed and I have not received anything ... and some programs linked to my Facebook account have stopped working for this reason ...

My name is Samar Gamal Alhamati , l'm living in Austria my birthday is 13.10.1990.

My Facebook account name

Samar Gamal

My phone number


My Email is


I'm Yemeni

This all my information ,please send for me the code as soon as possible .

Location: Vienna, Vienna

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