For over 15 years I had no major problems with FB until now. I switched from Huawi cell phone to Samsung.

Since I dont log out i have access on FB. My problem is I would like to download on the call like I've done on my previous cell phones. But is asking me user/name/passwords. I type the email and the password but with no success.

I am not sure if I have to change the password will help. I write many emails following the instruction of fbook help. I received an email saying they must confirm the email/the picture that I sent but its been 3 weeks did not hear. I am not a technical but try to keep with the new technology.

Is anyone can help? Thank you.

Niki Lazarova niki.lazarova@***.com on facebook I can also be reach my work nlacatus@***.ca 416 739 ****.

Thank you. Niki

Facebook Pros: For people certain age the technology advance going faster, Favorite, I like.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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