I have spent $1000s of dollars on Facebook over the years, I am a professional DJ my social media has become my main source of contact and source of advertisements, I spent countless amount of hours perfecting it and to wake up one day and its just gone ,

It was hacked and the hackers changed my age and post something that went against Facebooks regulations, it prompted me to change my password and it did send me the 6 digit code , once I was logged in, it showed that I was blocked because the hackers post something inappropriate, it said I have 30days to file a dispute or my Facebook will be permanently decided, when I clicked the button to file a dispute, Facebook says it sent me a 6 digit code to my email address, I checked everywhere and I did not get any 6 digit code , I even resent it , I even put my friends email in and no security code is being sent , therefore my Facebook is still blocked / deleted and will be permanently deleted in a few days

User's recommendation: Don’t wast your time investing in Facebook.

Location: Minden, Nevada

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