I didnt believe it so I went on Facebook and everyone I know got message from me .. ( not me) asking for a hundred dollars..

Im beside myself.. I dont use messenger.. ever.. not even open on my phone..

how could someone get into my messenger with my picture and do this.. Im embarrassed,, upset.. this is not right.. Im going to delete Facebook..

I tried to reach out to anyone.. no luck.. thats not right.. I feel like everything in my phone is in jeopardy now feeling unsafe..

why .. this is totally unacceptable.. I dont use messenger since you changed it years ago because I was afraid of exactly this happening.. Im so very upset and feel like I have to check everything Ive done on this phone..

it sucks that I cant call someone to investigate this .. thats not right.. how do you let this happen.. Im so very saddened and upset..

also wondering if this message will reach anyone.. or is this a scam to get more information from me..

User's recommendation: Never use Facebook.

Location: Clifton Park, New York

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