I have been cancelled by Facebook

December 16, 2021, Los Angeles, California 4 AM I, the author and artist known by my pen name, Andrew Lawrence (and blogger Stu Pitt), went to sign in to my Facebook account only to find that my account has been disabled, possibly permanently. No warning, no advance notice.

My account page stated I "violated Facebook community standards". I have no idea what they are talking about. I have been posting my conservative, sane, often funny and often satirical comments, on the Facebook news feed daily - for years and years and am very careful not to promote violence or actual racism, sexist et al., or make illegal statements. Comments that are comedy?

Yes. Satire? Yes. Patriotic?

Yes. Sane? Very.

Besides being a Facebook member, as Andrew Lawrence I am also the published author of more than 20 nonfiction life improvement books and a fine art photographer with a portfolio of over 900 photos and, as Stu Pitt, am the author of over 600 Stu Pitt Stuff blog posts since 2009.

I was a valued member of the Facebook community. Many members enjoyed my posts and comments.

Until now. Suddenly, Facebook cancelled me. My Facebook account is now disabled, by Facebook. Wiped off the face of Facebook.

With no warning, no specific explanation. Sitting at my desk at home in confusion and shock, I thought there must be a mistake. Or that I was dreaming. Or that I had time traveled back to Nazi Germany.

Was I cancelled for posting my opinion?

Was I disabled for mocking and micro-offending weak wimpy clueless hypersensitive intolerant insane radical progressives? Was I cancelled by Facebook for adding a Lets Go Brandon comment on many mainstream media news and opinion pieces? Or for suggesting that local progressive Dem politicians were ruining liberal cities and should be recalled? Or for recently making a satirical comment on the many new Global Climate Change sponsored ads with my posting, reduce CO2 emissions, ban breathing.

Thats a joke but do extreme environmentalists have a sense of humor? These are some of the things I have been posting almost daily on Facebook for many months. Suddenly, did some radical prominent Dem or offended big Dem donor, or an algorithm at an unaccountable social media source arbitrarily decide I should be silenced, arbitrarily decide that I should have no social media voice, no right to peacefully protest online, no freedom of online speech? Is America no longer a land of the free and a home of the brave?

Is one's nonviolent opposing opinion no longer tolerated or allowed by the left in the once-freest country in the world? Does it seem that creative people, authors and artists and normal working class humans, can get easily and quickly cancelled on social media, without warning, without specifics, but radical people and groups like Black Lives Matter NYC are allowed to remain on Facebook and spew anti-White anti-cop hate and promote violence?

With no specific information given as to why my Facebook account was disabled, perhaps permanently, I submitted a mandatory Facebook request form for reconsideration and reinstatement. The form also requested a form of official ID, like a driver's license. Now they have my phone number, my photo, my name, my home address, and my date of birth?

The form was not encouraging re me getting a response and I have no other recourse and no other way to find out exactly why Facebook cancelled me, why my account was disabled.

Only the vague violation of Facebook community standards.

Regarding my long-term extensive daily commenting and posting and very presence on Facebook, as a human, an American citizen, a senior citizen, I am now suddenly cancelled, made extinct, and powerless, with no voice and no freedom of speech. Let's Go Facebook!

Perhaps millions of sane US citizens who value freedom will peacefully protest and send a message to Facebook via social media.


Location: Beverly Hills, California

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