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Update by user Mar 25, 2022

No calls or contact from any actual person at Facebook. No help at all!

My hacker is still scamming people out of money in my name while using my account. Every time I get close to getting back in Facebook approves my hacker instead of me. Im disgusted & reporting to FBI along with national news. Facebook is allowing fraud to occur & doing nothing to stop it.

Zucker has the money to improve security & hire some real people to help those in situations like this! Im done messing around!

Update by user Feb 23, 2022

I was hacked several weeks ago & my hacker has full control of my personal & business pages. I have reported it daily ever since & FB has not attempted to help me in ANY WAY!

I have had to freeze my credit, they tried to *** my PayPal through FB Pay, & the list goes on.

FIX IT! Disable it if I cant have it back!

Original review posted by user Feb 23, 2022

I am still unable to log in & my hacker is still impersonating me from my page. Facebook has done NOTHING to help me.

I am starting to think they are behind it because they allow it to continue. My hacker continues to commit fraud while pretending to be me from my own page.

They changed my email & password so I cannot log in. I want to sue now!

User's recommendation: RUN! Don’t use Facebook! They are scammers!

Preferred solution: Disable my old page so my hacker cannot log in anymore! They are committing fraud while pretending to be ME! .

Facebook Cons: I need to talk to someone, Not enough security, Pretending to by someone else.

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