Someone has stolen my identity and kicked me off of my Facebook and is now pretending to be me on my page. And is using my page to send out more stuff to scam other people through groups.

I can't get ahold of nobody to talk to them so I can get back on my page and to get this guy a person off of it and stopped.

Facebook says that they're big on dealing with all that kind of stuff but what are they really doing they're just allowing it to happen. I really would like to talk to someone live I'm going to get a lawyer because this person has now gotten all my information and all of this could have been stopped when I flagged him from stealing my picture in the first place but yet the community standards didn't go against it so Facebook didn't do nothing about it and now it's a huge mess

User's recommendation: Find another website if you want your identity protected.

Facebook Cons: Cant talk to any customer service person.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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