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I have been sending you this report but up to now no replay while it is very important for me please help

Dear Facebook support team its me BOM Bahadur bk Aka Facebook name Sunil Sunil and I am 17 years old . I have completely lost my access to my facebook account.

Which I used to from google authenticator for 2 step verification. But unfortunately I have lost that app and all data preserve over there. This particular Facebook account is very crucial for me as I am student of grade 9 now because of covid 19 pandemic our country NEPAL schools are running online class and i have some important information about it and I my parents are abroad for work I used to live with my grandparents as my parents are in abroad i am not able to connect with them and any of my friends . Also my account is Connected with game id which I have been playing since 2 years and its so important for me to prove my that account is my I have send you my Real face which matches with my account and I am under 18 so I don't have my citizenship or any documents but I have my birth certificate for which I have attached below.

Please give me a temporary link email attached to this particular Facebook account to access it. HOPE YOU WILL SOLVE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBL

Location: Kathmandu, Central Region

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