Dear facebook team , your security system has mistakenly remove my account without any reason. I can prove it.

I am sending my ID card detail to verify that I am real person and not using anyone identity.

I think this information is enough for openin

Sir.. My Account is disabled my account Name(kamal verma) has been Community disable.Sir i'm sure i didn't break your rules and regulations and i respect you and your comunnity guidelins, sir i'm sure you have made a mistake please sir i request you please review my account again and reopen my facebook account as well as soon possible becouse sir i have linked my account other social media plateform like (pubg mobile,instagram,) and many apps which i downloaded from playstore i remember i followed your all rules and regulations but still my account was disabled.

Please sir review my id faster and please update your report system.

Email kbarma349@***.com

Account name kamal kamal

Dob 03/08/2004

Location: Siliguri, West Bengal

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