Dear Facebook Support Team,

I'm Tan Jian Lun, I have completely lost access to my Facebook account (facebook.com/jltan1998) and Instagram (login account from Facebook). I used to log in Facebook from my Google Authenticator for 2-step verification.

Unfortunately, i have lost that app after factory reset my mobile phone last week. This particular Facebook account is crucial for me to communicate with my family, and I'm not able to contact my friend without of this account.

If need to prove my authenticity that I am the sole owner of the account, I will like to attached my driving license card, which is issued by the central government of Malaysia.

Please give me a temporary link on the email or others way to this particular Facebook account to access it.

I have try others way to voice up my current problem, but when after selected picture to submit, it say occur some problem.

Hope to get reply soon. Can contact me through my email: jianluntan@***.com

Thank you

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

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