About 3 weeks ago i was at work. I nathan always put my phone in the linen room where i work.

Some how jt parker got added to my friends list. I kept on deleting him from the suggestion list. But any way, he claims that i was sexual harassing him. Saying i got excited below the built.

I respect everyone. And i have the whole hospital backing me. I never say stuff like that. And the people i work with will tell you the same thing.that i would never say something like that.

This is my number if you would like to call me. Call after 3 pm California time 530-403-**** the post that he put of me landed me in the i.c.u. for two week. Now he's going viral.

Please help. He also took a picture from his phone from messenger qnd pasted it on Facebook

Location: Oroville, California

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