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I own gutter solutions LLC in Vermont and someone made a fake profile and is leaving bad reviews on my page. I've reported it many many times with no help from you guys .

I have never done any work for this FAKE profile and is making me look bad. I can't delete it myself for some DUMB reason. I want it deleted or I'm deleting my page. I've already started the deletion process because I feel helpless.

I can't get threw to you guys anywhere. His page is fake. I'm not sure why you guys don't see that and delete it. And delete the *** review he left on my page.

(802)323-**** if someone can take care of this it would be nice. I'm coming on 3 years with this page and I've worked extremely hard building it up with pictures and actuall reviews.

Preferred solution: This bad review from the fake page DELETED. .

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