I am writing this mail in respect of my Facebook account that was disabled, please I plead that my Facebook be reopen because it has a lot of memories I wouldnt want to loose. I have been using this Facebook since 2011 and it has never been disable because I always follow Facebook community standard, I opened this Facebook in my country Nigeria in the year 2011 but Im currently in Ghana, I tried receiving a code using my Nigerian mtn number but Facebook wouldnt just send it to me which is why I had to use my Ghana phone number, please I plead to Facebook to please unlock my account because my heart is broken seeing my Facebook locked, there lots of memories I have on there, Currently I have no ID at the moment because it was stolen with my wallet here in Ghana.

Please Facebook try and consider me, thats is also the only means of me contacting my family. Please Facebook help me.

Location: Accra, Greater Accra Region

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