On 11/04/2021, I was barred for 24 hours due to a comment I made on a post that a friend had put on Facebook. Now, I feel my comment wasn't harsh and should not have been cause for me to be barred!!

I can provide a list of people I know that need to be barred for use of profanity, making fun of the President and other violations that make my comment on my friends post look like something said on a playground. If it wasn't for having my friends and family on Facebook, I would have left Facebook a long time ago!! You people have no damn clue in your heads how to operate a website like Facebook and I am ashamed to use the website!

But because of my family and friends being on Facebook, I have to be able to communicate with them on there. Shame on you all at facebook!!

User's recommendation: Stay off of Facebook if you don't have it already!

Location: Springfield, Missouri

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