I had to do a factory reset on my phone and it wiped everything out(which was the point) but when I tried to login to Facebook they sent me a code to verify it was me ok cool then they asked me to enter a code from the authonticator app since I put two factor authentication on my account...well the authentication app didn't back up my data like I thought it would. So I went through the steps to verify my identity I sent both my driver's license and passport and they said they still can't give me access to my account because the information doesn't match what's on my Facebook account but in both photos they can clearly see that it matches with my profile picture.

I never put my full name on anything unless it's business related so I'm assuming they don't understand that Chris is short for Christian?? I'm so over Facebook at this point.

User's recommendation: Use your birth name that's on your driver's license.

Location: Kyle, Texas

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