On 18th june of 2021 i needed help to recover my password which i forgot and i used my email so that i can get it and it was successfully but unfortunately when i opted for logged in on ther devices after recovering my new password it was impossible for me to logged in again and found out my account wa locked and the reason they say they think its was hacked but the reality its not and rhat account has a very important thing which is my international ID no and my Pictures which i used to save them there when i tried to get back my account they want ID which it has different information from the one og that accoynt if you knew it its not supposed to be logged in on other devices then why keep it as an option? Also you could atleast try to inform me through my email honestlt im disappointed and frustrated because that account means everything to me please try to bring back my account which is Nia Ladiva habeeb

Preferred solution: My Account back .

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam Region

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