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On January 8, 2022 A friend of mine messaged me while I was at work just to find out that it wasnt a friend of mine my friend was hacked eventually the hacker told me to give him my cash app I told them no my account was then somehow taken over my I cant get into my account They change my email account they changed my phone number they change my password all while was trying to reset it on Instagram but Instagram wasnt working fast enough and I wasnt working and he got control of my account and hes been harassing my friends about getting Their cash apps so he can take over their accounts to this account is important to me because my brother that I lost to drugs I have all the photos on there in my archives if you guys need to prove that I may go to my archives and ask me for a photo of myself holding up something can be anything but it is me I need access to my account please for the love of God talk to me and tell me what I could do to prove it to you guys the guy has changed around the password changed around the number originally it started a Instagram said that it was coming from Los Angeles but my friend checked the link that the IP address came from and it was out in Ohio I live out in San Jacinto California I have been here for years my main account that I started is Rayortega838 Please contact me because on top of photos and pictures of my family I also have photos and information about logins to things on there and I really need it back I will do anything please help me My friends have sent me screenshots of the stuff hes been doing he or she has been doing I have taken the liberty of sending you guys that along with the emails that showed me that my account was changed I dont have any way in please help me Ive been waiting to get my face recognized or verified but you guys but I havent had any progress Ive my friends and my self have been reporting the account for Instagram has reported that there is no problems with it but the problem is if someone else has it has photos of me and my family in there has account passwords to Netflix Hulu HBO Max and my friends account passwords those as well as long as Xbox live maybe cards I dont know that account has been there for years Ive been having it I think since 2016

Location: Hemet, California

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