Please take this very seriously and take oction fest we can, some person ( we excecly who it is) is using my brothers name and picture to open several fake accounts and post inappropriate things about our friends and family including me my husband,children, our cusins and crieting big fights,arguments and hates, it is life threatening and and dangerous, my brothers name is Beni Manasherov, PERSON using his name and profile picture in Georgian language ბენი მნაშეროვი and write s descreiful and life threatening things about people who complain to me and my family, my brother Beni Manasherov cant do everything about he, behalf our family s name we r asking decline and Eresethose fake accounts ბენი მანაშეროვი imideatly and all those inappropriate posts, also my brother try to cencel all his real accounts a he is not able to because he cant remember his password s and he cant reset as well, please we need your help

Location: Queens, New York

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