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Hi in the past when I was trying to receive money on Facebook pay I wasnt able to get it because you guys started a new verification thing where I needed to put my ID or my government ID picture into your system. At the time I did not have my permit renewed which is my ID!

I recently got it fixed in November and got my permit renewed which is my ID because I cant drive at the moment I am 19 years old my birthday is September 5, 2002. Every single time I go to put my card in to the payment thing on Facebook it doesnt work and it tells me that theres something wrong with the security and that youre trying to protect me from fraud but my card isnt fraud in the past when you needed me to verify my ID I didnt have my ID because it was expired and ever since I tried to update my new ID or any of my information you guys wont let me so I would really appreciate it if somebody would either call me to talk me through this crap or somebody message me and walk me through this because Im getting really mad at Facebook and all of you guys for not helping me. My number is (864) 322-****.

Thanks. I hope to hear back.

User's recommendation: I wouldn’t recommend facebook or anything because no one helps resolve anything!

Preferred solution: I would like for somebody to help me get to where I can get Facebook to let me use my card to buy on marketplace and I would also like to know if my SSN got verified for my taxes so I can get my payment for the stuff I’ve sold..

Facebook Pros: Good to talk with frnz, I can keep in touch w family.

Facebook Cons: Get locked out for no reason, Facebook account has been locked, Unbelievably overactive blocking reasons, To anyone customer service is a joke, For playing game.

Location: Taylors, South Carolina

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