My Facebook account was hacked by a "work at home" site. I can not recover the password to the account to get back in it to delete it.

The "work at home" site is listing me as a recruiter and sending out messages to contact me about a job. I inquired about the job and since that day I could not get back into my account and they listed me as a recruiter which I never agreed to do. I have since opened a new account but I believe my phone numbers and email are the same for both accounts so when I try to open the old account I get the new account. Both accounts have a profile picture of me and my husband.

The new account have us standing together and that is the account I want to keep. The old account is just a face shot as a profile picture.

It has become very aggravating and I really need the old account deleted. Please help.


Tangie Patrick

Location: Sulphur, Louisiana

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