Good Morning. My name is Anogene Leanne Carrick.

On the 19th of October Tuesday 2021 I had my one of my Facebook accounts stolen. I havefour accounts counting the one that has been taken. I have tried every avenue that Facebook provides to restore my account. But due to the fact that my current password has been changed also my email has been changed I cannot go any further,.

On Tuesday 19th of October Tuesday 2021 I received a message in my messenger from Celeste Reihana whom is a relation to my son asking me to help her get into her messenger as she was locked out. She said she will send me a code from Facebook and for me to send it back to her. I sent the code then she asked for my birthrate.. From there a few minutes later I went to go into my account and it was no longer accessible.

This person has already been approaching my contacts and it has come to my knowledge this morning she has managed to *** in one of my friends account her name is Nina Conway. Of course my friend fell pray to this because she thought it was me. I have reported the problem to Facebook where Facebook directs you to . They have responded saying there is nothing suspicious going on.

Really why would I be spending hours of my time for the past 4 days to rectify this. I have a Commerce Profile and have many customers whom will be communicating to me about my pre-loved clothiing I sell. And this person will without a doubt be scamming their money out them pretending that she is me. Facebook needs to be more thorough.

They should be able to see the location or the Ip of where this hacker is. It may be my profile but it is definitely not my location.. I have managed to get a response from the person that sent me her request to help her as I created a new account. She is denying everything.

She has four accounts. She admitted to the account in question but not straight away. She said she didn't use it anymore. I believe this identity theft can be fixed easily by Facebook.

In cases like this we the people should be entitled to direct contact from Facebook staff. How can I fix this when my password has changed my email is changed. The person whom has done this is now me.

So facebook is not communicating to me it is the other personThis matter needs to be sorted a.s.a.p. Your support will be most appreciated.

Location: Auckland, Auckland

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