My email was initially compromised & then they tried to get my Facebook account. I stupidly fell for their trap by entering my phone # to help someone I thought was a friend view a photo album & they got a code & did havoc to me.

On FB, there was an option for you to select that your account had been compromised & to reset your password.

I think that made it easier for the hackers to see your new passwords. Finally they locked me out of my account & I wound up deleting my account to avoid the headache.

The FB team emailed me several times to say that someone is trying to use my cell phone # to create a new FB account & they suggested that I reset my password also. I think this was the wrong suggestion also since it helped the hackers & they know what our passwords are. Why did they detect that my phone # was used, but still allowed the hackers to create another account?

Their security is not good at all!

Eventually the hackers took over my account & are sending me a lot of spam calls since they have my phone #. I might have to change my phone # now.

Please spread the word not to click or enter anything & that resetting your password when you think its compromised is not a good idea.

Thank you.

User's recommendation: Do not click on or enter your personal info.

Location: Santa Ana, California

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