It feels really sad to be denied from a group, I recently had an issue with an admin of a group, we had talked in past and it didnt end up well. However this is a while different group and I feel like I am being left behind and I also think that it had to do with the last group that I was kicked out of.

Also the admin of the group resin beginners send me a long message talking about something that was not his business and he was demanding me to pay a customer when I never sold anything through here or his website, the sale was made on Etsy and there was a pissed off customer that got upset because I told her that if she couldnt afford my prices to go to the dollar store, I meant this with absolutely no harm but I can see why it didnt settle well, anyways the admin send me a very rude message treating me to kick me out of the group and demanding I send the person the refund so of course imagine my frustration. Im a whole adult and I shouldnt be dealing with feeling denied and excluded. I would definitely like someone to take a look into this because this is outrageous, the group that I was trying to join is resin beginners 2.0 and I dont get accepted.

The admins of groups shouldve just be allowed to talk to the members giving them ultimatums as Im also a human and I got feelings. Thank you in advance for the help

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: New York, New York

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