a girl named Nikkie Muller from Abingdon, VA. hacked both my FB& Instagram.

She is going by the name of Haley Hanna Burnett online. Beside her pic says mark.garrett, my original was markgarrett no period. She is using my pics and entire profile. When my friends see this, they automatically think it is me.

I had to delete both accounts and start over, and it is still ongoing. I had to create new passwords and all, lost pictures everything. Not only that, but I don't know why she did this, she friend request me a while back, I don't even know her, or would not if i saw her.FB nor Instagram will do anything. Would like my old accounts back and her name off my account, she is impersonating me, using my pics to gain who knows...

Mark Garrett 423-******** ,bolt87m@***.net. Thanks, please help me resolve this issue on both accounts.

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