My business page lb decals was disabled on the 8th of April. The person that owned it before me (Rebecca Dyas) got into it and posted something on it to get it shut down, I have sent many messages asking for an explanation but have received no answer.

I know if you take the time to investigate it you will know that whatever was posted did not come from my IP address. I have reported the issue to the police and they have made a file on it. Lb decals is a small family business which I depend on for my livelihood and because of this person sabotaging my page I have had no work for nearly 2 weeks now. I am suffering bad anxiety because of this and have had to go on medication.

I should have the right to know what was posted on my page to cause it to be disabled but you refuse to answer any of my messages. I would appreciate if you could solve the problem.

Location: Dublin, Leinster

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