Hi, good day, I am Amarachukwu and I want to lay a complaint about my hacked Facebook account which I couldn't retrieve and now want it completely shutdown by Facebook. Sometime last year, I discovered I couldn't gain access into my account named AMARACHUKWU JENNY NKEMDILIM,I tried all I could to gain access into the account but all efforts proved abortive or futile so I gave up trying, but it bothers me so much that my information, pictures and videos are under someone else's management and am at the risk of having my personal life go into the wrong places or public which could be used for fraudulent purposes and so for these reasons, I have decided that Facebook should shut down the account completely and make it non-existent.

I have since opened a new account which has been functioning properly.

I want my former Facebook account(AMARACHUKWU JENNY NKEMDILIM) shut down. Thank you.

User's recommendation: I recommend.

Location: Lagos, Lagos

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