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I want my Facebook account back. There has been someone trying to log into my account for like the past year: this person goes by the name of Anamul.

I do not know who this person is and this person has not been able to log into my account whatsoever every attempt has failed. I Have tried many times to verify my identity and verify with Facebook that my account is actually my account. I do not live at the same address that I used to live at so I cant verify the address I dont remember what address it was. The phone number is different as well.

So how am I supposed to verify the information thats on the account? Ive sent a copy of my identification, My license and you wont even except that because the address on my current license is different. Well no *** of course its different Ive moved since then. I want someone to help me get my account back.

I am the one thats on the cover thats my picture thats me hello. My name is Yvonne M Gothard, email on the account is yveningstar@***.com

Birth date 12/10-1971

Alternate email: y.gothard@***.com

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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