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The other day I was kicked out of my Facebook they asked me to go and verify my phone number which I did and then to go and send my driver's license which I did this was on the 4th they said it may take a little over a day before I would be allowed back on my Facebook now my concern is this I have no idea why this happened but I would like my pictures and my personal stuff out of my Facebook and I can't even get into it or have anybody else look into it to get it out for me I had a fire to wear all my kids' pictures were lost and I had them all back up on Facebook now somehow Facebook has even went into my Google cloud and remove the pictures I had saved in there so I appreciate if somebody could please help me and retrieving these items or let me know what happened that I was even kicked off Facebook to begin with thank you for your time and consideration

Preferred solution: I'm not sure why it's just taking me to this part I'm just trying to work on getting my Facebook back so I may please obtain my child's baby pictures from there please.

Location: Altoona, Pennsylvania

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