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My best friend joined FaceBook in order to access market place . When she joined , she titled her profile after her recently deceased dog EmmaGreatdane.

Yesterday her account was shut down because past accounts she had associated with her email address had a different user name . She was instructed by FaceBook to submit a copy of her drivers licence and her email to recover her account . This she did ! Last night she recieved a message that her drivers licence name didnt match her account name .

Really ! FaceBook wants her to submit a copy of her deceased dogs drivers licence in order to recover her account ? I personnely know several people on FaceBook with make up names the same as my friend used . She has a extremely low income and relies on market place to make ends meet .

She isnt a business . She is a very low income earner just trying to survive . Please help her . Her name is Jessica Shae Robinson on her drivers licence .

Her FaceBook account was Emma GreatDane .

This lady cried for hours last night after being told her Jessica Shae Robinson didnt match her account name Emma GreatDane name on her account please restore her account .. thank you

Preferred solution: Emma GreatDanes account restored.

Facebook Pros: Good platform, Visiting with friends and family, Good to meet new people.

Facebook Cons: Account is locked.

Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

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