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My dating app got restricted for some apparent reason I report scammers, all I did was report scammers say amen and post the picture of a dish drainer i want to buy can you show me something that I said wrong I posted wrong I might have been a little hateful to some scammers but they make me sick they try to take advantage of old stupid people lonely people I have never fell for a scam never have never will but I know people that has, the picture of that check in the frame I bought from Amazon a scammer off of Facebook sent me a check through FedEx only over from Europe couldn't cash it over there because she wasn't in America I was supposed to cash it and keep a little for myself and send the rest back to her then of course she would send me more checks I reported it to the FBI the Attorney General sent me a form to fill out I heard all about the scammers which common sense that's all it takes why is my profile restricted my dating profile

User's recommendation: I don't know how to report these people that's creating stupidity do I contact the Supreme Court I shall if I have to I sent in quite a few reports proof of scammers and all I'm not sure what to say cuz it's kind of ridiculous I got in trouble for saying amen got in trouble for posting a picture of a dish drainer and I get in trouble for reporting scammers.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Richmond, Kentucky

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