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My profile was restricted. Look mu profile has been Flagg multiple times this year and I am seriously trying to change all ths.

What happened was I was talkingi g peacefully to Kimmy Ann Rogers and all of a sudden she accused me of *** i didn't do. I was pissed and it looked like I was harrasing her when when i reportedher she shifted thblame baco. Me. This has happened before.

I have Autism and nust am sick and tired of althis discrimination and negativity and other stuff associated with Autism. Right now it is literally a *** storm on Facebook and people' tempers are flaring.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: Connected with family and friends, Contact with people, Getting intouch with long lost family friends and my kids, Contact with long distance family members.

Facebook Cons: Stop blocking my account, Lack of an ability to vet people, No customer service access, Zuckerburg is corrupted and doesnt care.

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Damb Me too movement is getting out of hand. This is borderline sexual discrimination towards males and Facebook will automatically lock the male users Facebook page.


I have autism and am higher functioning sometimes I get so mad I literally go from 0-60 in a heartbeat. If anyone know someone who is autisic or works around people who have Mental Disabilities, you know this is totaly norma and eventually they will calm down, but because of this I have had my profile flagged multiple times this year because of this.

This is discrimination against me men, and people who have Autism and other neurological and Mental Disorders and Disabilities.

And cleary Zuckerberg doesn't care any more about the people. I am very vocal about this when it comes to Autism and I have been framed and discriminated against before.

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