Whoever this my concern I was hacked through a mutual friend The person made me believe I can make money through bitcoin had me do videos Extorting me for money to get my page back I had my page for years Im a entertainer I do music for years I have nothing to do with Bitcoins I thought I couldve made some fast money and got caught up when I seen strange activity on my email I tried to change my passcode by pressing yes and I made a mistake and thats when I was hacked The person change my email and phone number I was able to screenshot the email of the hacker Jeremyhayle789gmail.com I had this page for about 7-8 years I just want my page down hes asking people for money on my page and They think it me it could be very dangerous this hacker is Impersonating me and people think it is me this is my Instagram account freespace_thelabel and this is the email it was associate to freespacerecordsllc@***l and this is the phone 786 -232-**** and my last pass code was Kayden13 if anybody could please help me if I cant recover my page I want it taking down please and thank you immediately

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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