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I am trying to get my old Facebook account restored and I am trying to get my funds back from Jim Dozal in Georgia because he breached my Facebook and Instagram personal account! I bought an Apple Card for Jim which was a retail price of $50 and $25 dollars and he said that he needed these Apple Card for his next of kin adolescent children!

I think and suspect he is using these Apple Cards that was given to him by me for other purposes than what he vehemently verbally promised me because I saw in my text messages on my cell phone that he was using the Apple Card given to him for women dating and hook up and womans escort meeting ventures and put me in a debacle and delema! Jim asked me for a bunch of computer compute codes for Tinder and Facebook and hacked my Instagram account from what I suspect! If nothing is done about this situation immediately and I do not receive reimbursement for my purchase of the Apple Card that I purchased at Publix, then I will seek legal action and sue and subpoena and jurisdiction sequester Jim for his wrongful convictions and get a restraining order processed in the court of law! Jim misconfigured my personal information on the internet and Facebook and Instagram and his cell phone number is 252-220-**** Jim!

He persuaded me into downloading the TextNow app and talk through app in which I did not fever to the fullest extent and I was still in limbo of making an agreement that is suitable for both parties announce! Jim was being very demanding and not giving me much time to think about what he wanted from me and put my finances at dismay and I could have used the money in a more responsible manner and I was maligned and chastised and money laundered out of my finances and he was not trustworthy and didnt tell the truth about what the money he needed was actually going to and betrayed my trust in him! in Jim is scamming me out of my personal information and his permanent house address is 954 Saint Charles Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 (Jim Dozal)! I am not sure if his last legal name is correct information!

Please call me at 347-527-**** Irving Lincoln Fletchman II! I was promised a financial refund today to my Bank of America personal bank account from the male Facebook call center representative that assisted me today and he said he would call me back and never kept his verbal promise!

User's recommendation: This was useful information but I have not received a response yet that will benefit my delema!

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 1000 Marietta Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318

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