I was in a political "discussion" with someone. She claimed she was Jewish and that I must be antisemitic because I told her that Hitler was also Jewish after she wrote that I loved Hitler and must be related to him.

Because of that, she reported my post. She was mad because I made a truthful comment.

Here was my comment:

Carolina Leiter Yes, I will remember him (trump) the same way I will remember Hitler. A fascist autocrat who tried very hard (and is still trying) to destroy our Democracy, thanks in part to mindless sheep who follow him. Unlike your pithy list against President Biden, the list of charges against your twice impeached loser con man are real, and will ultimately catch up with him.

Congress may be slow, but it is relentless. The long arm of the law will get him eventually, and put him where he belongs- in jail.

Ps- you didn't read the entire list, did you?

Her report was purely vindictive and without merit.

Location: Burbank, California

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