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I was restricted from using Facebook marketplace. I requested a review, because I haven't listed or bought anything on Marketplace in quite sometime.

They wouldn't tell me why I did, which post caused it or anything. I requested 2 reviews with a request to either restore my account access on marketplace or to share with me which post caused them to restrict my use of it. They didn't answer my question either time. Just that I had "Apparently" (Their words) posted something on Marketplace that violated the community standards.

I didn't of course, because I hadn't posted or bought anything on marketplace in months so they couldn't show me. They then sent me a message saying that they had reviewed the issue 3 times and their decision was final and stopped answering my inquiries.They hadn't review it 3 times, because I only requested a review twice. They also wouldn't tell me how long my access to Marketplace was to be restricted. I called their customer service number only to be meet with a message that says they don't offer customer service via the phone.

Really, what is the number for then?! I am so tired of FB for hiding behind it's platform with no accountability or any kind on real customer service.

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

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They are not legally required to tell you, They can ban anyone they want for any reason. You agreed to this in the terms of service.

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