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I was searching for a Norfolk Terriers puppy. I found this puppy breeder on Facebook and did my best to check him out.

Some things are adding up some things were not. The further I got into the dealings with this guy Daniel Arnold DreamAce Norfolk Terriers Stone Mountain Ga, The more things get crazier and crazier so things are not adding up at all but I had sent him a deposit on the puppies then all of a sudden his wife was having a very difficult pregnancy, then she had the baby a son and then the son died to days later and then the guy had a heart attack that evening. It just all went more and more downhill from there. His twin brother who didn't have the same last name as him contacted me that he was going to finish the puppy purchase and ship the puppies to me.

Then he said he had already put the puppies on a plane with a pet carrier company that had listed Arnold Daniel as the owner of the pet shipping company. Then all of a sudden the puppies were like stranded in the Texas border. The plane company that was going to take them from there to DFW wouldn't take the puppies any further because the crates were not the correct size. So then I thought this is just super crazy because there is straight flights from Atlanta to DFW several times a day and if they ever got them on the plane they would ship them the way they got on the plane all the way because they are a direct flight.

So then when I started questioning the guy about all the complications in the shipping more and more things got crazy. So then finally he started calling me names and saying it I was an evil person and so on that I just text him back and said no you keep your puppies.

Then he wanted to charge me to send them back to Atlanta. The scam for more money.

User's recommendation: Do you not work any deal to purchase puppies were you pay for them in advance especially with a seller that has so many holes in his story.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Facebook Cons: Scam.

Location: Euless, Texas

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