Good afternoon,

To Whom It May Concern,

Could you please help me with the issue below.

I have a Facebook account from long ago where is a picture of me and my previous boyfriend.

He wants me to remove the pictures with himself and if I do not remove, he will report me to the General Data Protection services as he does not want his picture to be displayed. I would like you to remove that account completely.

I do not have access to the old email and telephone number for that account. Would it be possible to ask some security questions in order for me to get in and deactivate the account or maybe you can do it on behalf of me?

This is a very urgent request and I would like you to give me guidance on how to get the account deactivate.

The link for the account I would like to deactivate is as follow:


I hope to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience as I do not want to get involved with the Legal services.

Many thank you in advance .

Kind regards

Irina Dmitrijeva

Location: London, England

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