The person who continuously is adding pictures of me or information about me on her Facebook is Ana Zambrano-she belongs to the LGBT community - I have known her from family members although we don't talk we known that she suffers from mental issues. However, I had to block her from my social media due to treats towards and wanting to hurt my family.

She resides in California and I live in Phoenix, Az. I was recently informed by a cousin of mine that she added we got recently married and posting pictures of that she had taken from FB not sure how she did but she has posted inappropriate things on her Facebook account. I need help reporting her I don't want to unblock her I don't need her to know or get more of my information. I need help reporting her to you - I am currently married here in Phx.

i do not want my husband on my family to be affected by her actions. please email me the next steps or contact me at 602-403-****.

I have pics from her current post where she is saying we got married on 9/19/21 and pics of me on her account. i need your help she is crazy- i had to get a restraining order in CA she was bothering my parents and felt unprotected and fear that she could do harmed.

Location: Glendale, Arizona

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