Facebook are in breach of multiple countries laws by blocking people who's only 'crime' is for your absolutely useless AI to find offence because it cannot understand humour.

Added to this, Facebook is discriminating against people by blocking them for posts from over 4 years before, even though you unlawfully removed the slogan which stated that it was obvious humour.

It is my intention to issue legal proceedings against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for discrimination and suppression of free speech as people are being blocked without good reason plus not being given our right within the law to challenge Facebook's poor decision making .

Because you rely on AI which is discriminatory in itself, people are judged and sentenced by a robot and cannot contest this.

Therefore, you are breaking the law. I am intending to delete my accounts on Facebook as I'm fed up of you treating people like children.

You are losing so many subscribers due to your intolerance and cowardice in not facinf people.

Don't forget, without subscribers, you fail

User's recommendation: Avoid Facebook, they make up Community Standards as they go.

Location: Southwark, England

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