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Update by user Sep 15, 2022

Nothing changed and I been trying contact them u can't iam not currently stuck on one page I try log out of it and I skips right back to the same account either way nice accurate lawsuit arguments because everything that's going on is very confidential and very illegal i have some other stuff I have to submit to show more proof that they are violating and tryna take my rights to wat iam entitled to I will submit the papers as well to show wat iam say is true I just got the letters of them doing and making illegal decisions so therefore only way around this is a lawsuit being filed because they not going stop they think and feel that they can get away with it and I have to make sure I gain to support and take care my family and I'm losing due to illegal authorization amd illegal decision making from social media to real life facts

Update by user Aug 28, 2022

Now that my main page live been unblocked when I go live once viewers start coming they disconnect the live basically just doing wateva to push people away they are still finding ways to harass and stalk my accounts and u can't contact social media about it tried I been tryna get back into my old accounts and again I still can rarely use it even now that the account is not restricted I have photos to show that they still harasses the live still after 30 days of something i don't know about or aware of so therefore it's illegal everytime

Update by user Aug 16, 2022

Tryna block and stop my success and block and stop me from talking to the Queen they is violating and braking law willing to do wateva harrasses me for any and everything basically tryna enforce something on me iam not interested in treating and carrying me like I am a animal because I stood and put up with something they can not so they are tryna use me as a shield I really want y'all to consider filling a lawsuit for me or tell me wat I got to do where to go connect me to resources I'm willing to do wateva because this is very annoying and overwhelming I was taught to like a love the Queen not be against everything I believe nor do they have a right to be violating wat I believe in when I then already showed iam a firm believer in islam and can have Muslim brothers say the same thing about me but they are tryna deframe my character which is defamation of character as well and they doing doing it back to back to back can rarely do anything I can't avertise I'm just losing why they tryna gain off me and help confidential informants I have no peace or privacy its invaded public wise and thru my accounts and I dnt owe no one anything but respect iam a man that's tryna be independent and can think for myself have my own guidance and control and my own mindset i dnt need nobody thinking for me telling me wat to do nor thinking they have a right to stalk harass montior dictate and try control my accounts and in real life with rights over me authority over me nor anything legal to show for it and it's also without me being aware and have knowledge of that's illegal to that's just like the police have to show they are a police they can't cover nothing and proceed to do any police work

Original review updated by user Aug 16, 2022

I was using my messenger I communicate with all my friends I got off restriction from my messages August 13th for something iam not aware of or have knowledge of it lasted for 16 days was out for two days so August 15 th I started using it again good morning good afternoon good evening good night to most my friends if it's a problem with me communicating with them then they shouldn't be my friend on here they steady expect stuff from me uses my accounts to benefit off someone for very disrespectful is stood up for myself which is a right I guess they reported me here I am back without being able to communicate for another week it's back to back without showing me just as well as me not being able go live for 30 days and still can't and when they make a decision for one account they do it to all u can not do that as well so therefore I can't use none of my accounts to send messages off one account and once again I am a firm believer in islam I do not have to associate myself with anything that's not proper it's a lot of false stuff going on and a person is entitled to follow wateva they want to no one has a right nor authority to do wat they are doing and I want to submit the police city police female that should not be involved with me and in the interact with me harassing me 7:45 in the morning stating I need to.make sure iam up before 8 they need to show wat they have legal on me cause they have to have a legal warrant and consent they have nothing on me and to try block and.stop me from talking to the female is against wat I believe in and wasn't wat I was taught I been Muslim for 9 years and anything for control and to try block my success they do it illegally it's like wateva I do they dnt like and if they can't get there way they do wateva to stop me from doing wat iam entitled to they are low key worshipping me and using my accounts to hide behind and doing confidential stuff using my name for stuff because I won't work and help them with there jobs so they tryna help all there workers succeed off wat iam to and try block my path and keep them above and in fake control

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Lawsuit filed because it's on going they not going stop and iam a Muslim they have not right and authority over me and my life and accessing and controlling my accounts without a legal consent and warrant is very illegal I'm losing out can't avertise .

Facebook Cons: Cyber stalking and harassing, Violation of my beliefs, Violation of my rights, Benefitting off my accounts, Illegally accessing.

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