My account was hacked The hacker posted 66 posts that violated community standards. Ive been a customer for over 12 years and never had a single post flagged.

This action was obviously not me. FB suspended my account and robbed me of control of any of the information tied to the account. Including a card number to a business bank account. This card was then used to overdraft my bank account 2 days after the *** Had I had access to the FB account I would have been able to Identify the threat and protect my assets.

There is ZERO customer support or way to show proof of the *** Only a button to select to ask for a review. That was over 15 days ago. No one has reached out or communicated with me about this.

There is no number to call, email address to message, or any actual way for the consumer to defend themselves. Poor business, poor support, and definitely shows that I am not a customer to FB, the advertisers are.

User's recommendation: Avoid FB at all costs.

Facebook Pros: Account was hacked my somebody.

Facebook Cons: Abuse of personal information.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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