My instagram account was hacked by phishing on April 21st around 18:30 and that was the last time I could access.

The hacker broke into a DM conversation initiated before with a friend.

I sent him my tel number and a screenshot of a text message Facebook sent as authentification.

So he made himself the double authentification, changed email, telephone number and password.

I went trough all the instagram procedure with authentification video many times but couldnt authentify myself. I have 3 very recognizable images of me on my wall but its a Pro Account and I run an Art Gallery, so not much selfies.

I still have my telephone number and email in Instagram.

My email is :eric@***.com and I connect to my instagram only through my iPhone 12

My tel is +336********

The insta account is @galerie_hussenot

Can I have assistance with a Case ID so we can start proceeding getting my account back?

It is highly important for me to get back my account. Instagram is the Core of my business, contacting artists and clients.

Thank you,

Location: Bourg-En-Bresse, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

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