My IG business page pip and Clay designs was hacked 2nd February 2022 by someone in Nigeria, my email & phone number was changed for my IG account, I live in NSW, Australia!

I am a Registered Nurse & I make clay earrings.

I have sent 30 emails to support@***.com & security@***.com & I have also tried the verify myself via the help centre without any luck.

The hacker was left hacking/scamming for 3 weeks until the page was removed due to reports that I asked my followers to make.

Many reached out to me via My pip and Clay page on FB.

The hackers have tried to *** every aspect of my life since, bullying me & blackmailed me.

I have contacted the NSW police here in Australia & also the cyber police.

I have attached in previous emails copies of messages & my followers messages from the hacker.

My business is destroyed.

IG have a duty of care to rectify this, the fear, loss of income, stress & hopelessness has affected my whole life & my families.

It has also destroyed other small Australian businesses due to the hacker being loose on my page for 3 weeks.

This is why the hackers *** Instagram, IG dont do anything & lives are ruined.

User's recommendation: Read the fine print prior to using FB & IG, although they are not responsible for hackers they are responsible for the outcome of people’s lives due to being hacked.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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