After like years of having a account it got taken. My account had say friend that could verify my account same Gmail and on one day within minutes my Gmail changed on the account my phone number the friend that could verify you unfriended and blocked and taking over and now I cannot get it back on my Facebook account I've asked for help a thousand times from you people sent you my ID so everything you could possibly need for me to show who I am funny enough you should know because of the picture is of Me John Sinclair the Gmail I use was John Sinclair 1776 or John Sinclair 155 what really *** me off is just my ID shows who I am why the *** can't you look and see all that *** changed in one day like 30 minutes later I reported it was hacked or took it over this is not rocket scientist it's pretty much Facebook saying I don't give a *** about my customers I'm a loyal supporter of Facebook for 10 years won't be on again

User's recommendation: Tell FB to go *** them self.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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