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Facebook shut down and restricted my account for my comment of my opinion when asked if I would vote for joe and kamala . My freedom of speech was violated as being able to voice my opinions .

There are multiple times I have reported post from people saying they want our president dead and Facebook tells me they couldnt find anything wrong with their post . If my page is not up and running in a few moments I will pursue legal advice on pressing charges for descriminating against me and for violating my freedom of speech

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Preferred solution: Turn all my stuff back on now .

Facebook Pros: Being a democrot.

Facebook Cons: Being a republican, Account restrictions for no apparent reason, Service and support sucks to the extreme, Because of my account temprory banned without any reason, Can not be trusted.

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" My freedom of speech was violated " Unless you were tossed in a dungeon or sent to a re-education camp by the government, your freedom of speech WAS NOT violated. Please take the time to READ & UNDERSTAND the rights you claimed were violated. You have no rights on a PRIVATE platform.

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