I don't understand why it takes so much effort on your part to help me change my password on my Facebook it is me Colleen Conway who is trying to change the password so I can get back into my account I'm 70 years old I forgot the password because I have been ill I'm trying to open up my Facebook account again by phone numbers that you give me I can only get to one of them and he has changed his carrier on his cell phone the phone number as my phone number is no longer it my new number is 571-343-**** so am I still upset yes I am I don't understand why I answered three security questions when I first made my Facebook but yet you can't ask me those questions so I can answer them correctly to show you that it's me I even tried the other night to have a girlfriend while I used to work go to my old computer and login and it tells her that my Facebook is locked if there is something else that I need to do on my old computer please let me know so I can let her know so she can open up my Facebook and then when I can get back into it with the new password I will change it over and this way she can no longer get in it but she's my best friend anyway I've worked with her over 12 years so please let me know something help me get back into my Facebook

User's recommendation: Keep your Facebook information updated write your password down somewhere and don't turn 70 years old.

Location: Vinton, Virginia

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