I post cultural clips of music and movie scenes with my comments to educate my FB friends and entertain them in a non-commercial way to inspire them to search for more music or to see the whole movie because many, especially the young, would not likely have been exposed to some of the great cultural gems covering the past 120 years. Some of the clips are so old they are in the public domain.

Often I have several clips from a movie, one scene is deleted by the algorithm, not the other. If it were illegal, all clips would have to be removed because a copyright is all or nothing to cover a movie. Anyway, the law provides me with the right of Fair Use as an exception to copyrighted material. If the uploader lost the clip, there would be a blank box and boiler plate language saying the clip can't be shown.

There is no language when its FB deleting my clips - they are missing and I know which ones because everything is noted in my notebook as to what and when I post. Further, when it deletes my art that I post often, FB always offers it back to me on the one-year, two-year, etc. anniversary as a memory notification.

Then why did FB remove it when it offers it back after a year? FB refuses to respond with specificity to my numerous complaints and complaints by my Congressman's office on my behalf.

Location: Staten Island, New York

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