I have been on FB since day one it was launched im on a 30-day countdown till my account is erased I have no reason as to why this is happening only that they can review it that I asked for its now day 28 no info or clue as to what offense i did there is no way to defend my self or ask for reasons for shutdown of my account I'm autistic and have mental health issue I feel this is a type of bullying because i don't know what I've done wrong I've followed the rules, as far as i know, haven't bullied or harrassed anyone I the algorithm has failed more than once and FB apologized to me for blocking me numerous times yet now after all these yrs I'm being erased FB needs to go it is past its best I was very happy few yrs back with it but now not so much also I cant access my picture ive lost those of deceased grandma only pic I had i know I kee should've backed it up wasn't expecting to be banned again no idea i did in first place

User's recommendation: dont get on this platform exspecting to stay on it long always have back ups of your information.

Location: Bradford, England

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