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Look guys my one account that is with Lindbergbailey5@***.com I do not remember my old phone number that I had when I had that account open there is something Lauren somebody that got my account open and I cannot get back in it even with my baileylindberg4@***.com is like I can't get into it either all these cold y'all send me and different things y'all send me to get back in as not doing no dang good engaged wanting to send me a code the very back I'll bet he keeps wanting to send it to her phone number not mine and I cannot get it changed this is *** and please shut that account down both of them I even got another one that I tried to open up a new account called Winston's Air Bud but I can't even get into that because of different verification things of how y'all want me to get into it I'm sorry I cannot get into it so please shut them breaking down make them sounds of a bucks to pay for this crap please call me somebody call me my number is 931-691-**** something call me dang it

User's recommendation: Do not accept no friendship from anybody especially a pretty woman because most time that's going to be a freaking filthy no good for nothing man a foreign man acting as a woman.

Location: Miami, Florida

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