Good afternoon. My name is Afan Omar, and I m a representative on behalf of the Kurdistan region security council.

The Kurdistan Region Security Council is the highest security organization in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq's intelligence and security community. We believe it's our responsibility to make our community safe and protect our people by all means.

The reason for this email is, we are seeking to open a communication way to be in touch with your legal team regarding some web page and account activity that goes against our community Standard Kurdistan Region. We believe it's against Facebook Community Standards as well. The page has become a platform to hate speech as a direct attack on people's ethnicity, and we believe that makes a lot of trouble for our society.

There are many police reports about how they cause trouble for numerous people with Violent speech, false news, statements of inferiority, and calls for exclusion or segregation between the different societies that we have in a separate area in Kurdistan. Even by abusing and exposing their individual life, that put a lot of family in a dangerous situation also targets a person or group of people based on their nationality and tribe.

Our goal is to open the secure and trustable way to make Facebook a secure platform for everyone in our area with an idea and religion and be a place to keep everyone's privacy.

We need your help to provide us with a channel to be in touch and provide all necessary documentation to take these fake accounts down.

Thank you again for your help

Location: Aldie, Virginia

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